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The Golden Nutshell: Page 3


Rebecca Miller Schwartz (daughter of Rosa and Jacob Miller),her husband Isadore Schwartz, their children Blanche Schwartz Miller (she married back into the Miller family by marrying a
cousin) and her husband Aaron Miller and their daughter Florence Miller Traub; Sylvia Schwartz Shoemaker, Florence Schwartz, and Charles Schwartz.


Rebecca Miller Schwartz, age 48
born 1856
Isadore Schwartz, age 54
born 1850


Blanche Schwartz Miller, age 26
born 1878
Aaron Miller, age 34
born 1870
Florence Miller Traub, age 3


Sylvia Schwartz Shoemaker, age 8 Florence Schwartz, age 15 Charles Schwartz, age 15


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