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The Golden Nutshell: Page 4


Charles Miller, his wife (and cousin) Rosa Miller, and their children Alphonse Miller, Fay Miller Levy, Ruth Miller Kohn, William W. Miller II, and Marquis Miller—b. 1898. Their child Bertram Miller was born in 1887 and died in 1888 (thus before the party) and is not pictured.


Charles Miller, age 44
born 1860
Rosa Miller, age 37
born 1867


Alphonse Miller, age 16
born 1888
Fay Miller Levy. age 14
born 1890
Ruth Miller Kohn, age 13
born 1891


William W. Miller II, age 8
born 1895
Marquis Miller, age 5
born 1898, died 1911.


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