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Other Items of Interest

Bockey's Lamp

From  Miller Harris 
November 5, 2000:

Here is the Christie's ad showing an original Wisteria lamp, identical to the one Bockey had at their summer cottage, 3 North Derby, Ventnor, NJ.  The major colors are purple and green, Bockey's favorites.

Prue Miller as a little girl
Claire Miller as a young girl Jean Miller, age 4

The Schloss house at 7th and Medary, with the famous sleeping porch.  Ed and JeanSchloss lived there from 1919 to 1935, along with Ed's father Herman ("Pupup") Schloss (till his death in ~1927) and their children Jan, El, and Holly.  Other family members moved in from time to time.  Bockey, Daddy Fahler, Harold and Claire 
Schloss, and their children David and Carol lived there during financially difficult 
times; and Miller and Donald Harris spent two winters there some time around 
1924 when their parents Prue and Bill were in Europe to buy shirtings. 
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