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From The Philadelphia Press
Below is a transcription of the Philadelphia Press article about Jacob and Rosa's 50th wedding anniversary party--as much of it as we have; and, of that, as much as I was able to read.  I have copied it as close to the original as possible, including some odd spellings of words, such as "employes."

To commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of their marriage and at the same time to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of their son's wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Miller, of 1829 North Seventeenth Street, entertained four hundred relatives and friends at dinner last evening in the large ballroom of the Mercantile Club, Broad Street, above Master.

William W. Miller, the son, is one of the lessees of Forepaugh's and the Girard Avenue Theaters.  He and his wife, together with his parents, sat at a round table at the head of the room, surrounded by their immediate relatives.  The guests sat at large tables placed in the shape of the letter M.

An orchestra sat on the stage, concealed by banks of palms and ferns, while over their heads blazed forth the word "Fifty" in incandescent lights.

One of the features of the evening was the distribution of a newspaper arranged in imitation of the "yellow journals" containing bright "hits" on the host and hostess of the evening and their descendants.  These were distributed by Carl and Alphonse Miller and Charles Schwartz, who were dressed as newsboys.

Jacob Miller is as energetic today as he was thirty-five years ago.  He is a prominent business man, is the treasurer of the Jewish Foster Home, and a director and trustee of many Jewish charitable organizations in this city.  The five children of Mr. and Mrs. Miller who were at the banquet were William W. Miller, Mrs. Rebecca Schwartz, Charles Miller, Mrs. Simon Miller, and Mrs. Louis Wolf.

Last night's celebration was in the nature of a large family gathering, given with all the elegance of a public function.  At its close, when Rec. Dr. Henry Berkowitz had finished his address of congratulations to the couple whose golden wedding anniversary was being celebrated, the entire assemblage arose and drank to the health and long life of the host and hostess.  [...]

[…]…resources of the catering art and filled to overflowing the splendid banquet hall of the Mercantile Club.  The spacious room resembled a floral bower, no detail as to decorations having been stinted.  Under positive instructions not to hesitate in the matter of incurring expence, the caterer had availed himself to the utmost of this carte blanche.  The viands were the best procurable in the local and New York markets and the service was flawless.  Both of the hosts were compelled to respond to toasts and each acquitted himself with distinction as an orator.  Other members of the family and several guests spoke also, and the flow of eloquence and wit was uninterrupted for hours.  Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Miller expressed the opinion that it was the happiest evening of their lives.  They and their popular son and accomplished daughter-in-law were the recipients of unlimited congratulations. 

The guests included virtually all the leaders in local Jewish society, the assemblage rivaling in splendor even such events as the annual Hebrew Charity Ball.  Among those present were the following:
Nathan A. Arnold.
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Baum
Dr. and Mrs. Berkowitz
Mr. Adam Baum
Miss Esther Baum
Mr. and Mrs. I Baum
Mrs. I. Binswanger
Miss E. Bomejaier [??]
Mr. Butterworth
Mr. and Mrs. A J. Bamberger 
Mr. and Mrs. Block
[??] Marcus
[??] Bachrach
Dr. and Mrs. HH [??]
[??] Bochorch [??]
Mr. and Mrs. Agnetus Bachrach
Mr. Isacc Blum
Mrs. R. Campbell
Mrs. Eva Coons
Mrs. R. Dilsheimer [?]
Mr. and Mrs. S. Price
Mrs. Felsenthal
Mr. and Mrs. L. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Frankel
Mr. and Mrs. Moses Feustman
Mr. and Mrs. Penrose  Fleisher
Mr. Leon Friedman
Mr. Ohas Fox
Miss Mildred Fox
Mr. Walter Fox
Mr. Sam Fleisher
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fleihser
Mrs. B. H. Feustman
Mr. Meier Frank Mr. and Mrs. S. Fleishman
Mr. Jos. Goldsmith
Rev. Dr. L. Grossman
Mr. Hiram Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller
Miss Edith Miller 
Mr. Clarence Miller
Mr. Leonard Miller
Mrs. Simon Miller
Mr. Gus Miller
Mr. Meyer Miller
Miss Flory Miller
Miss Oella Miller
Miss Birdie Miller
Miss Prue Miller
Miss Claire Miller
Miss Jean Miller
Miss Ruth Miller Jr.
Miss Ruth E. Miller
Miss Fay Tom Miller
Miss B.. [???] Miller
Miss F. E. Miller
Mr. Joseph S. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Max Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Samual R. Magee
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Mansbach
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Mansbach
Mrs. Fannie Muhr
Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Mendel
Mr. Clinton O. Mayer
Mr. Levi Mayer
Mrs. A. Mansbach
Miss Corinne Mansbach
Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. H. Pollack
Mr. Rosenthal
Miss Hortense Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Simon Rosenau
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rothschild
[???} Miller {///} Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Marquis Miller
Mr. and Mrs. S. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. O. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. W. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. E. Wolf
Mr. Elias Wolf, Jr. 
Miss M. Wolf
Mrs. Elias Wolf
Mr. Sam Weiler
Miss Ana Withopf

Although Jacob Miller came to America from Germany--almost penniless at the age of seventeen, his name is known in the business world from Maine to the Pacific Coast and from the Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, and also in foreign climes, as the pioneer manufacturer of negligee shirts in which business he has amassed a large forgune.  Mr. Miller's career is a shining example to the American youth.

He was born of humble parentage in Bavaria, Germany, seventy-two years ago and came to this country as a lad, settling in Harrisborg, Pa, at the age of seventeen.  There he secured work as a painter at a salary of 35 [...??...] week, which was considered very large in those days.  He yearned, however, for mercantile life and soon after embarked in the grocery business.

Several years later, at the age of twenty-two, he was married.  He continued in the grocery business for about ten years, subsequently coming to Philadelphia, where he embarked in the business of manufacturing men's and boys' shirts.  This business has since prospered under his energetic direction until today 1,300 persons are given employment and two large buildings are utilized, one at Sixteenth and Reed streets, this city, and the other at Bordentown, N.J.

Mr. Miller is as energetic …[?]….
...[?]...Sons & Co.  He puts in nine hours of hard work daily and says he enjoys it. 

Jacob Miller is as energetic today as he was thirty-five years ago.  He is a prominent business man, is the treasurer of the Jewish Foster Home, and a director and trustee of many Jewish charitable organizations in this city.  The five children of Mr. and Mrs. Miller who were at the banquet were William W. Miller, Mrs. Rebecca Schwartz, Charles Miller, Mrs. Simon Miller, and Mrs. Louis Wolf.Mr. Miller is a prominent member of the Jewish community.  He is treasurer of the Jewish Foster Home and a director and trustee of many Jewish charitable organizations.  There are five children of Mr. and Mrs. Miller living.  They are William W. Miller, Mrs. Rebecca Swartz, Charles Miller, Susan Miller, and Mrs. Louis Wolf, whose husband is a member of the banking firm of Wolf Brothers & Co. 

An instance of the esteem in which Mr. Miller is held by the 800 employes of Jacob Miller Sons and Co. occurred on a recent morning during the Christmas hilidays.  The entire working force of the big factory at Sixteenth and Reed streets assembled to do honor to him and Mrs. Miller in remembrance of their golden wedding anniversary. 

Not one of the employes, from the executive department to the messenger service, was absent.

Mr. Miller did not know what was meant when he was requested to meet with all the workers shortly after nine o'clock.  Neither did Mrs. Miller, who was at the factory.  It had been planned to close the plant for the day at 7 o'clock and dismiss them for the day with full pay at nine o/clock in order that they might be able to do their Xmas shopping.  An inkling as to what was coming, therefore, entered Mr. Miller's mind when he confronted the smiling faces of the employees.  With Mrs. Miller, he ...

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