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In Memory of Elinor Schloss Wikler

July 4, 1915-October 10, 1982


                    Oh, she was beautiful in every part!

                    The auburn hair that bound the subtle brain;

                    The lovely mouth cut clear

                    by wit and pain,


Uttering oaths and nonsense, uttering art

In casual speech and curving at the smart

On startled ears of excellence too plain

For early morning! ---

Obit. Death from strain;

The soaring mind


the tethered heart. 



Yet here was one

who had no need to die

To be remembered.

Every word she said,

The lively malice of the hazel eye

Scanning the thumb-nail close --- oh, dazzling dead,

How like a comet through

the darkening sky

You raced! . . . would your return

were heralded.


--To Elinor Wylie,

by Edna St. Vincent Millay