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From Mickey Harris, 2 13/2002: 

Here are some scans of pictures of three portraits I did for my class this  past Fall. 

David is friend who posed at his home. The robe was a present from Morocco. The Giraffe carved of wood sits in his living room.  He is a hair dresser in Chestnut Hill.   I gave him the painting. 

The other two were models at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, where last Fall I took, and am taking again, the portrait class taught by Al Gury, a wonderful artist and terrific teacher. The one named Emma reminds me very much of Lillie Davis, who helped raise my sisters and me, lived with us, and kept house and cooked for our family for over forty years.  She was a patient of [Lou Wikler's].   I remember when I was small he made a house call one time when she had a high fever. 


David   Emma



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