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Verse II
Now when the twins were barely six, fair Jean announced that something new
Would soon emerge to change their lives, and as they watched, her belly grew.

And pretty soon the twins were sure their Mom would be forever swellin’,

Then she left, but soon returned, triumphantly with little Helen.

Now Edwin Schloss excelled in everything that was artistical,
But, truth be told, he never mastered many things statistical,

    Though Wharton bred,
     he had a head more
     tuned to music
     than to stocks,
     And with his brother
     Harold, found their
     business headed for
     the rocks.

     So Jean and Claire put
     up their hair and
     turned to cleaning up
     the mess,
     And soon they found a
     ready market for a
     certain kind of dress.

     The families moved in together, Harold, Ed, and Claire and Jean,
     With Carol, David, El, Jan, Holly, this was quite a lively scene.

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