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Verse V

   But ‘ere the kids were fully grown, a tragedy befell the clan,
   For Oscar died before his time and Jan was left without her man.

   Though devastated, Jan went on, with courage healed her heavy heart,
   And soon she earned her family’s bread by teaching little children art.

  Time went on, and Janet
  learned that loving hearts
  were gifts she’d earned;
  With spirit strong and open
  arms, Jan was cherished
  for her charms.

  Although the children
  moved away, their hearts
  and minds were always
  And soon a generation new emerged to join her many fans

                 We love you Jan, we think you’re tops, we wish you happiness and joys,
We thank you now for all you’ve done for
 all your many girls and boys.

We wish you happy birthday, Jan, and now we’d really like to say
That you are such a major part of everything we are today.

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