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Generations Past


These pages are for posting old treasures you want to share with other family members. 

We have received old pictures, documents, and bits of information about our common ancestors dating back as far as the mid-1800's. 

For those of you who don't know who the people in these pages are, or who need reminding, Herz Herzberg and Jenny Pollock Herzberg were the parents of Hettie Herzberg ("Bockie").   Jacob Miller and Rosa Stein Miller were the parents of Simon Miller ("Daddy Fahler"),   Hettie and Simon got married and became the parents of Jean, Claire, and Prue Miller.

Click here to see a portrait of Jenny Pollock and an invitation to her wedding to "Herz" Herzberg. 

Click here to see Jacob Miller's old homestead in Germany, and to follow links where you can see documentation of his being awarded US citizenship and of his exemption from the Civil War. 

Click here to see an inviation to Jacob and Rosa Miller's 50th wedding and an old photo of where it took place, and to follow links to articles describing the event.

Click here to see photos of the descendants of Jacob and Rosa Miller and to learn the story of the "Golden Nutshell."

Click here to see a eulogy honoring the life of Simon Miller, written by Edwin Schloss (husband of Jean Miller Schloss).

Click here to see pictures of Jean Miller, the Schloss family, and Ralph Goldsmith.

Click here to see miscellaneous other stuff: a picture of Bockey's lamp; photos of Jean, Claire, and Prue Miller as children; and a photo of the old Schloss house at 7th and Medary.


Be sure to let me know if you have any additional
stuff that you think should go on these pages.

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