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Welcome to the Unofficial Home Page
of the descendents of
Simon Miller and Hettie Herzberg Miller
("Daddy Fahler" and "Bockie")

Simon and Hettie Miller, with Claire, Jean, and Prue   Bockie (seated) with Prue, Claire, and Jean

Many years ago, all of us lived in the Philadelphia area, and our entire family used to get together annually to celebrate Bockie's birthday.  This tradition continued even for several years after she died, but we stopped doing it sometime in the 1950's.  Since that time, two new generations of family members have been born, and many of us have moved far from Philadelphia, so it's more difficult now to stay in touch.

Although it is no longer practical to meet regularly as a family in a physical location, many family members share the desire to stay connected to each other, to our past, and to future generations. Elinor Schloss Wikler spoke eloquently about that connection in a note accompanying an album of family photos and documents that she gave her daughter Janet ("Janny") Wikler in 1978. You can read that note by clicking on the link below.

The Endless Chain

Now that many of us are more or less computer literate, I wanted to create a place in cyberspace where we can share family news, photos, or whatever else you would like to share here, in the interest of keeping that connection intact.  These pages can be whatever you like, and I hope they will serve as a virtual family gathering place, where physical distance and even time will no longer be a barrier.


A Happy Gathering: party for Jan Stone

What got me started was seeing so many of you folks at Jan Stone's 85th birthday party on July 1, 2000.  It was a wonderful party, and I tried to save some of the feeling of it in these pages.  If you would like to revisit the party, or perhaps drop by for the first time, click on the link below.  Plan to stay a while; there's music, photos (old and new), and stories.

Jan Stone's Birthday Party

Celebrating Lives in Progress

These pages are for all of us, so don't hesitate to send in whatever you feel would help keep it  interesting and up-to-date.  Send us news of yourself or your family, articles, photos, fiction, drawings, music, or anything else that you think might be of interest to the Miller clan.  Send your ideas for this website, too.  We're a creative bunch, after all.  Who knows what can happen when we collaborate?

Family News

Celebrating Lives Completed

These pages are for all of us to remember family members who are no longer living.  They are meant to be a place where we can gather together to keep alive the memories of those we knew and loved and miss, as well as a place where we can share what we know about family members who came and left before our time.

In Loving Memory



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