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Welcome to the Judy Wikler Botello and Victor Botello branch of the family tree!

Here they are: the whole clan

(Left to right: Victor, Judy, Jake, Casey, Kt, Scott, Catherine, Vic Jr, and Sabrina)

(Click here if you are wondering who these people are.)


The Botello Bulletin Board


  • Jake Goldstein was recently accepted at the Columbia University graduate school of journalism!
  • Scott Paxton just graduated from the University of Phoenix with his MBA and got a full-time teaching job at North Idaho College in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. He, Kt, and the kids will be moving there early in August.

Congratulations and best of luck to all!!

Recently, Janet Stone came to visit Judy and Victor and kids/grandkids.
Here is a picture of the four generations, all together.

(Left to right: Janet Stone, Sabrina Paxton, Judy Botello, Casey Paxton, Kt Paxton)

Victor Junior ("Vic") was married to Catherine Harryman on September 23, 2000.

Click here to visit their wedding pages.

Judy was a keynote speaker for the graduation of the class of 2000 from the Pacific College of Oriental
Medicine.  She built her speech around some Miller family heirlooms--silver serving pieces that she inherited--and therefore thought this speech might be of particular interest on the family website.

Click here to read her speech.
Click here if you would like to see Judy's professional curriculum vitae.

Judy has written a number of stories, article, poems, and has had three books published:

Adventures With Kids in San Diego: Places to Go, Things to Do, Sights to See
More Adventures With Kids in San Diego (written together with her daughter Kt Paxton)
The Other Side: Journeys in Baja California

Click on the links below to read an on-line sampling of stories/articles/poems that Judy has written

Californios: This is a book review Judy was asked to write for a book of photography being published in September 2003.
Myths of the Desert: Judy wrote this as the forward to a book on Myths of the Anza Borrego Desert (a desert state park in San Diego County)
The Fracture: This was published in an anthology of writers; the theme of the anthology was "Wings".
Of Mere Being In Autumn--1967: This was published in the Southern Review of Literature
Serenade: This was recently accepted for publication in an anthology of San Diego writers



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Who are these people????

Judy Wikler Botello is the daughter of Elinor Schloss Wikler and Louis A. Wikler.  Victor Botello is her husband.
Elinor Schloss was the daughter of Jean Miller Schloss and Ed Schloss.
Jean Miller was the daughter of Hettie ("Bockie") Herzberg Miller and Simon ("Daddy Fahler") Miller.
So there you have it.  Now if you trace yourself all the way back up to Bockie and Daddy Fahler, you will know how you are related to Judy.
Judy and Victor have three "kids" (well, I guess they're not kids any more!) between them: Kt Goldstein Paxton, Jake Goldstein, and Vic Botello.
Kt and Jake are Judy's bioliological daughter and son, and Vic is Victor's biological son
Kt is married to Scott Paxton, and their kids are Sabrina and Casey Paxton.  They really are kids, for the moment at least.
Vic just got married to Catherine Harryman