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Vic and Catherine's Wedding


On September 23, 2000, my stepson Vic Botello married his long-time girlfriend, Catherine Harryman. The wedding was held on the grounds of a beautiful old ranch owned by some good friends of oursófriends, in fact, with whom my husband Victor and his son Vic (the groom) had lived when Victor was single and Vic was just a little boy.

        Above: Vic and Catherine                                                     Below: Jake, late at night


The reception was a Mexican fiesta with mariachi music, Mexican food (some of which was cooked over an open fire in a huge copper pot), plenty of beer and tequila, and singing and dancing long into the night.

       Below: Victor, singing and playing


My husband Victor was born and raised in Mexico, and his son Victor Jr. (Vic to his friends and family) was born in his dadís hometown of Aguascalientes, Mexico, although he has lived virtually all of his life in California. Iíve known Vic since 1975, so I felt almost like the mother of the groom.

My biologic kids, Kt and Jake, were attendants, and my granddaughters, Sabrina (5 years old) and Casey (2 years old) were flower girls.
Left: the bridal party

Right: Casey, Jake, and Sabrina

                                               Below: Judy and Catherine


Despite the usual crises that attend such an event (it poured rain during the rehearsal the night before the wedding; the flower lady didnít show up until 15 minutes before the ceremony; the  woman who was to help serve cancelled at 8:00 on the morning of the wedding), somehow everything finally worked itself out, and we had a joyous time. I offer these photos as a way of sharing some of that joy.
Love to everyone,

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