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Family Gatherings

This page is dedicated to information (pictures, stories, etc.) about gatherings of family members from various branches of the family tree.  It was prompted by Miller sending me the photo below.  This is what he had to say about it:

"Came across this today. We had gathered in Spinnerstown to talk roots. Peter [White] and Mickey [Harris] were there also, but not in the pix.  These were four of the five then survivors of the original eight cousins. David Schloss was absent. August 1999." -- Miller Harris, 7/23/01

Above, from left to right: Holly Hickler, Janet Stone,
Carol ("Barley") Brenner, Miller Harris.

More family gatherings:

The Wikler sisters go on a  "Sister Trip". (Click the sisters to go there too.)

The Mickey and Rena Harris family attends a wedding

Keep sending stuff to post so we can keep up with each other!!

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