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Pictures from Jan Stone's 85th birthday party


Jan Stone and Holly Hickler

Right: Dave Stone with other party people

Katie Hickler (left)

   Below: Rich Stone and                        Bonnie Sunstein and
           Bonnie Sunstein                        Lee Laden, our hostess

 Jackie and David Schloss (below)

   Right: Elise and
   Paul Friedman

 Elise and Jan
 went to Oak Lane
 Country Day
 School together

      Below: Jan Stone and Steve Laden, our host

       Right: Lisa Hickler



 Victor Botello, left, watches and listens
as Joan Wikler, Judy Botello,Bonnie Sunstein,
and Janet Wikler,right,perform "The Matriarchal Miracle"


     The meshpucha, enjoying the sun and the
     good company


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Music: Overture from The Gondeliers, by Gilbert and Sullivan