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Verse III

       The years went by, and one fair day, from Oak Lane School they graduated,
Everyone was very proud, and Jan and El
were quite elated.

Men were calling on the phone, the lovely
twins they sought to woo,

And Jan and Ellie had their pick of every
handsome German Jew.


                    But Jan and El were not yet set to settle
                    down with mice and men,
                    So Janet turned to brush and paint, and
                    Elinor to ink and pen.

                    Then one fine day, a soldier strong whose
                    name was Oscar Meyer Stone,

Entered into Janet’s life and
quickly thrilled her to the bone.

     “Let’s wed,” he said, “and
     seize the day, unless I
     cannot get my leave.”


So borrowing a wedding gown, Jan wondered should she dance or grieve.

But lady luck would have the day; the happy pair were quickly wed,
And then the world turned upside down, as war reared up its ugly head.

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