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Verse IV

    The postwar years were blessed
    ones, beginning with the birth of
    Davie followed close behind,
    and life continued smoothly on.

    For Eagle now, young Oscar
    worked; to Dallas often he did
    Selling every kind of shirt to
    please the most discerning eye.

      At Fox Chase Manor, Jan took hold, a model mom in every way,
      She painted pictures on the walls to make the kids a place to play.

      A few years later Rich was born; to Kingsley Road the family went.

Now the family was
complete; the years
rolled by, the time
was spent.

They spent some lazy
summers on the hot
and steamy Jersey shore;

               In winter with the Wikler kids
               the little Stones would play some more.

The children had a happy life; their mother taught them how to be
Smart and funny, brave and bold, and masters of their artistry.

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